Top 10 Common Foods that push your Anxiety levels


Anxiety is a fastest growing mental disorder in urban population, it has become so common that every year almost 10 million cases are reported only in India. Examples of anxiety disorders include panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. The reasons can be many right from in life due to work pressure, mid-life crisis or personal problems. Sometimes this stress taken by an individual is way more or is out of proportion than the reason because of the inability of a person to handle it and setting the restlessness aside. Typical symptoms of Anxiety are sleep disorder, mood swing, irritation, headache, problem in breathing, seating, fatigue and muscle tension.


Sometimes Unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are also one of the potent reasons for Anxiety. To cure anxiety apart from treatment and counselling prohibiting some of the foods helps in a big way. Here we list the few top Anxiety attack causing foods which you can surely avoid

  1. Caffeine

Some people swear by their caffeine addiction but it is surely the worst food when it comes to anxiety attacks. The food that comes in this category and needs to be strictly avoid are energy drinks, Tea and caffeinated substances. Some people can have sleeping problems if they take coffee or tea in the evening.


  1. Chocolate:

They are not as sweet for health as they sound to the ear, chocolates or for that matter of fact any quick snack with a heap of refined sugar is not good for anxiety. Refined sugar can affect the blood sugar levels which in turns can lead to both mental and physical fatigue. Some of the junk or quick snacks food in this category are cookies, soft drinks, chips, crackers, cakes, candy, pastries, white rice, pasta, white bread, etc.


  1. High fructose corn syrup:

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is known as a refined sweetener and it is high in calories, the same as aspartame. When you eat them you feel it gives you an energy bomb and you feel good for a couple of minutes, however in long run they are causing more harm than good. HFCS is available in most of your favorite eatables right from breakfast cereals to salad dressings. This HFCS is nothing but a High Fructose Corn Syrup that is made from corn is widely used worldwide without keeping its “Anxiety increasing” property in mind.


  1. Gluten:

Gluten we all know is not good, it has more harm than good but still it is part of foods like candies, breads, pasta and even ready to eat soups. Gluten is a combination of protein and it provides elasticity to the dough. If you have slightest of hint that you have stress or anxiety this is one component in food surely to avoid. You can read the product labels and deliberately delete it from your diet.


  1. MSG

MSG is known as Monosodium Glutamate, Generally used in Chinese food. It is one of the most anxiety causing food you must reduce its intake and if you can give up eating it then nothing like it. MSG is a strict no-no for pregnant ladies as well because it affects the heart palpitations. It’s also a carcinogen can cause neurological and heart disorders. So it’s no good for health. MSG is added in frozen food, salad dressing and even some snacks. The over or regular consumption can lead to headaches, fatigue, anxiety and depression in some cases.


  1. Food Dyes:

We use these to make food attracted to eyes, because we first eat with eyes if it’s tempting enough we actually eat it. But these food dyes are harmful to us.Most widely used colors are Yellow 5, Yellow 5 and Red 40. They actually are chemical compounds and use chemicals like 4-Aminobiphenyl which are carcinogen. Carcinogen means products that can cause cancer. These food dyes can even cause irritability, aggressiveness, hyperactivity as well as fatigue which can be termed as anxiety.


  1. Alcohol:

There is a very wrong notion that if you are sad or in depression hit the bottle, forget all the worries and get relaxed. But alcohol does exactly opposite of this to your body and mind.

Alcohol changes levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain, which can worsen anxiety.

It causes dehydration of brain cells and interferes with metabolism. Actually alcohol is a depressant and can lead to anxiety.

To feel relaxed instead of alcohol the person must try to meditate or take a massage.


  1. Lactic acid:

Lactic acid levels go up after physical exercises or workouts, and cause soreness. Sometimes its levels goes up in the blood and it is the most significant biochemical factor. Both psychological stress and biochemical factors can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. When the body has lesser oxygen than required, lactic levels go up, lactate is the final product in the breakdown of blood sugar. Pickles’, sour dough are some foods which have high lactic. Lactic acid increase anxiousness or panic attacks



  1. Salt:

Salt one thing which we cannot cook most of the foods without, but we all know that excessive intake of salt is not good for body. Excessive intake can lead to risk in increased levels of blood pressure and increased blood pressure will lead to stress because it releases hormone of the stress. Hence salty food should be avoided during bed time and while cooking meals the lesser the better should be the “salt strategy”. Don’t put extra salt, table salts while eating.



  1. Refined Barn and Grain 

Many of the renowned psychiatrist also ask patients to discontinue intake of refined floors, grains and barn if they are being treated by Anxiety issues.  You can sprout the grains and can eat sprout grain breads or whole whet grains. Many doctors advise to stop having bread also. It is always good to shift to whole grains like oats, barley or quinoa rather than refined grains. As these refined products have higher sugar level which is a boosting factor in Anxiety.


All these 10 products are so much in disguise and we have been consuming them for ages, but we even need to know to change your health status the first and foremost thing is to change your eating habits, it will not happen in one day but slowly and steadily it can bring positive changes in your health and can help you lead a healthy life. If there is something you cannot give up at least reduce the quantity and take it in moderation.

Try the ancient tools like meditation and yoga, take out time to spend with friends and family, and most importantly if you are facing anxiety issues or depression speak to you family and take professional help. It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle.

Ujjwal Mishra

Ujjwal Mishra is a story teller, she likes to weave stories and characters with her writing. She is a full time working professional and a mom of 2 kids. Passionate in writing about kids, moms in modern times and there well beings. Follows a Healthy lifestyle and believes in chasing fitness goals. Engineer by education currently working into Human Resource field.

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Ujjwal Mishra is a story teller, she likes to weave stories and characters with her writing. She is a full time working professional and a mom of 2 kids. Passionate in writing about kids, moms in modern times and there well beings. Follows a Healthy lifestyle and believes in chasing fitness goals. Engineer by education currently working into Human Resource field.
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